Zeon Hylash is a Bakugan Trap, and the evolution of Shun's primary Bakugan Trap Hylash.
Zeon hylash trap



Nene have Zeon Hylash as her Bakugan Trap In Episode 7 when Mira gave her this and join the Resistance.She uses this alongside Ravenoid,Harpus,Triad El Condor,Zhuqia,and Zephyross against Lync Volan's Aluze and Wired.

Ability Cards

  • Thunder Power, Hyper Glimmering Slash:Adds 300 Gs to Zeon Hylash
  • Claw Thunder Position Jutsu:Nulifies opponents Abilities and their Gate Card
  • Hyper Thunder Strike:Transfer 300 Gs from the Opponent to Zeon Hylash