Stug is a hermit crab Bakugan used by Mylene Pharaoh in episode 4.

It has two immense pinchers that have spikes inside. Six barbs surround its hard shell to protect its body. Its four legs give Stug great maneuverability to avoid attacks. Perished long ago and was resurrected by the Vexos Mylene as an energy body.
BK Stug

Aquos Stug


Attribute: Aquos,Subterra

Power: 400 G

First Appearance:NV episode 4


Jewels has a subterra Stug

Ability Cards

  • Undergrown Take Down:Nulifies opponents gate card and disable opponents abilities
  • Stug Claw:Decreases opponents 100 G and adds 300 G to Stug
  • Jamming Out:Reflects opponents abilities
  • Ventus Reaction:Changes opponents attribute to Ventus.