Ravenoid is a human-like raven Bakugan with plated battle armor.
BK CD Ravenoid


Attributes: Pyrus,Haos,Ventus.

Power: 380 G(season 1),500 G(season 5)


Gigantic wings let Ravenoid swoop to attack its prey from the sky. Large clawed feet squeeze its victims in an unyielding vice. It covets complete destruction of its enemies. In some episodes it is called Falconeer or Falconeer #2 with a large beak.


Dan Kuso has a Pyrus Ravenoid. (A younger version of Dan also uses a Haos Ravenoid to fight Runo as Lars Lion) Shun Kazami has a Ventus Ravenoid that was sent to the Doom Dimension. Throughout that episode, Ravenoid was called Falconeer. Nene also has a Ventus Ravenoid is her Guardian Bakugan. Runo has a Haos Ravenoid which was sent to the Doom Dimension by Julio and his Tentaclear. Joe Brown has a Haos Ravenoid that he was going to use in his battle with Dan Kuso but he collapsed before it could be thrown.

Ability Cards

  • Sparcap: Ravenoid +50 Gs and opponents gate card nullified.
  • Shadow Scratch: Nullifies opponent gate card
  • Storm Breaker: Opponent's Gate Card Nullified .
  • Tornado Pandemonium: Ravenoid +100 Gs.
  • Air Bow:Negates the opponents ability and Ravenoid +200 Gs
  • Raven Call:Adds other players or opponents bakugan and adds +100 Gs to Ravenoid