Pythantus is a python-like Bakugan Trap that is similar to Serpenoid in Bakugan form. It is cylinder-shaped in Trap form.


Bakugan FormEdit

A slithering creature, Pythantus can burrow into the ground to sneak up on his enemies. He has thorns running along his body for defense and a venemous bite to destroy his adversaries.

Trap FormEdit

When Pythantus is opened, its body extends along about 2 cards' length.


Alice has a Pythantus as her Trap bakugan given by Mira.

In episode 32, Pythantus along with Alpha Hydranoid,Foretress and Triad Sphinx battle against MAC Spyder,Fortress and Myriad Hades but they lost.

In episode 13(Brawlers destiny),Phytantus and Alpha Hydranoid battle against Angelo Seflyn and Tripod Tigrerra.

Ability Cards

  • Venom Bite:Decrease 60 G of opponents everytime.
  • Mirror Ghost:This ability make Pythantus untouchable.(Cant attack)
  • Phantom Trap:Allows Pythantus to pick bakugan that can't be battle and Transfer 300 G to the fallen bakugan.
  • Ghost Change:Allows Pythantus to change Attributes and Increase Pythantus power level same as the opponent does.