Juggernoid is a huge turtle-like Bakugan.
BK CD Juggernoid


Attributes: Aquos, Pyrus,Darkus.

Power: 320 G



Juggernoid has been used by most brawlers including Dan, Runo, Marucho, Shuji, Rikimaro, and especially Christopher, who has an Aquos Juggernoid as his Guardian Bakugan.

Ability Cards

  • Water Refrain: Prevents the opponent from using abilities
  • Copycat Delta:Copy one of the opponents abilities
  • Depth Tornado:Adds 100 Gs to Juggernoid.
  • Ultra Depth tornado:Adds 200 Gs to Juggernoid and nulifies opponents gate card.



Juggernoids have a very unique feature: a weighted base. This allows them to pull off a Critical K.O., which occurs when your Bakugan knocks an opponent's off a card and stands simultaneously, with ease.

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