Jewls is a member of the dancing band JJ Dolls, along with Jenny. She loves to brawl and is a Subterra brawler.

Bakugan Battle BrawlersEdit

She is a huge fan of Bakugan, but does not often get time to play it because of her boss. Jewls' main Bakugan is Subterra Centipoid. Masquerade decides to take advantage of that opportunity by recruiting Jenny and Jewls to defeat Dan and Marucho.They lost and turned against Masquerade.

They then return to fight Taygen alongside Marucho. Taygen attacks them sending them flying onto a crane and soon they were about to fall off until Angelo saves them. After that Jewls and Jenny decided to quit until Marucho convinces them not to. Marucho convinced them to help they assisted in defeating Taygen. Despite being a Subterra brawler her favorite color is blue. This was proven when she, Jenny, and Marucho fought against Taygen and Marucho activated his Aquos Hazard gatecard thus turning her Subterra Centipoid to Aquos.She claimed "Blue was always my favorite color." In New Vestroia her and Jenny make a brief apperance on a big screen tv in the city.



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Opponent Outcome
Prince Hydron(Tag with Tricloid,Billy Gilbert,and Chana Lee) Win
Ace Grit & Julie Makimoto(Tag With Jenny) Win
Prince Hydron(Tag with Jenny) Lose