She is in a dancing band called the JJ Dolls, with Jewels. She is a huge fan of bakugan but does not often get time to play it because of her boss.

In the episode Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Masquerade challenges Jenny and Jewls to a battle. Though it does not show the battle, it is quite obvious that the JJ dolls lost against him. Jenny and Jewls, like other henchmen, got the Doom Card and Bakugan launcher Sent by Masqurade, Jenny and Jewls intended to brawl with Dan and Marucho. Though she lost, she turns against Masqurade.

They come back in another episode fighting against the Ventus/Aquos Bakugan named Taygen and finally defeat it after they almost give up. Jenny's attribute is Aquos and her Gaurdian bakugan is an Aquos Siege. In one episode, when Taygen and Hairadee invade Warrington City, her Aquos Siege, Jewls' Aquos Centipoid (changed attribute with Gate Card "Aquos Hazard") and Marucho's Aquos Preyas and Aquos Diablo, they successfully attempt the "Aquos Quadruple Chain Attack" an extremly powerful Aquos attack against Taygen's "Poseidon's Wave" ability and defeat her.



� � � � Battles
Opponents Outcome
Ace Grit & Julie Makimoto(Tag with Jewels) Win
Prince Hydron(Tag with Jewels) Lose
Ace Grit & Jewels(Tag with Ally)


(Due to Ace purposely Lose)