Grakas Hound is an elite mechanical dog-like Bakugan Trap and part of the Maxus Dragonoid set.

Because it is a part of the Maxus Dragonoid set, it only comes in red. It can only switch into it's opposite attribute, Ventus.
BK CD GrakasHound


Attribute: Subterra

Power: 500 G

First Appearance:NV episode 23


Jewels has a Subterra Grakas hound given by Mira.

Ability Cards
  • Subterra Seeker: Reflects an opponent's attack and increases Grakas Hound's Gs by 100
  • Subterra Barrage:Transfer 300 Gs from the opponent to Grakas hound
  • Subterra Combo:Nulifies opponents abilities and adds 500 Gs to Grakas hound