Grafias is an elite mechanical Bakugan Trap in the form of a giant worm.
Bakugan New Vestroia - 23 - Wall to Wall Brawl 0009


Attribute: Aquos

Power: 500 G

First Appearence:NV episode 23


Grafias is exclusive for Maxus Dragonoid set. it is also used by Dan Kuso for Maxus Dragonoid

Though Grafias is a Aquos Trap in Maxus Dragonoid set, it is red in colour with silver highlights. Like other Traps in Maxus Dragonoid set, Grafias can only switch to its opposite attribute, Pyrus .


Christopher has a Grafias as his Trap Bakugan when Mira gaves this after he join The Resistance.

Ability Cards

  • Aquos Cyclowave:Grafias +400 Gs.
  • Aquos Press Shield:Every time opponents power goes up so does Grafias's.
  • Invisibility Water:Reflects opponents abilities
  • Ice Coffin:Nulifies opponents Abilities and gate card.