Freezer is a squid-like Bakugan.
BK Freezer

haos freezer


Attribute: Haos,Aquos,Darkus

Power: 350 G

First Appearance:NV episode 1



Freezer is a four eyed monster with a glass encased brain. It slithers along the ground on its six tentacles. Its tentacles instantly grow back if sliced off in the heat of battle. Two cannons point out from each side of its head to fire deadly blasts at it opponents. Freezer’s head spins all the way around to see attackers coming from every direction.


In Bakugan: New Vestroia episode 1 Invasion of the Vestals, Haos Freezer is one of the Bakugan recovered from the Vexos Organization after Dan defeats Volt and Lync. Mylene is then shown throwing an Aquos one away and Ace had a Darkus one in a flashback.Jenny have an Aquos Freezer.

Ability Cards
  • Freeze Jam: Freeze Jam causes the opponent to be completely incapacitated, because the ability does not only cause the opponent to lose perception of time, but also freezes time around them.
  • Freeze Shield: Freeze Shield causes anyone who touches it (except Freezer) to freeze in their tracks.
  • Anti Darkus:Nullifies the opponents ability if it is Darkus.
  • Anti Pyrus:Nulifies opponents ability if it is Pyrus
  • Haos Hazard:Changes opponents attribute to Haos.