Fortress (original version: Nova Ashura (ノヴァ・アシュラ, Nova Ashura)) is an Asura-like Bakugan.
BK CD Fortress


Attribute: Pyrus

Power: 400 G


Fotress has 4 faces, each face changes with different abilities, such as rage or sadness. It is seen sometimes that when using the Face of Rage ability, the one on the right of his head seems to be a happy face suggesting there is an Ability Card called "Face of Joy" or "Face of Happiness." He has 4 swords on his back he calls his Blades of Fire. In the videogame his face changes everytime.


Chan Lee's Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Fortress. He battled Drago in their first encounter but lost when Drago started evolving he sent Dan's Mantris and Siege to the Doom Dimension . He then appeares battling alongside Sirenoid and Tentaclear against Drago, Tigrerra, and later Preyas but was defeated when Drago evolved yet he managed to send Marucho's Siege to the Doom Dimension. He is then sent to the Doom Dimension after being defeated by Dual Hydranoid. He returns to hold off Centorrior, and later he is summoned to hold of Naga and defend Wavern but Naga quickly defeated him. He appears again in New Vestroia assisting Alpha Hydranoid in battling Hades and his Bakugan trap, Fortress. He manages to defeat both but is soon taken down along with Alpha Hydranoid by MAC Spyder.

Ability Cards
  • Face of Rage: Transfers 50 Gs from the opponent to Fortress.
  • Face of Grief: Nullifies opponent's Gate Card and Prevents them from using abilities.
  • Face Drive: Adds 200 Gs to Fortress.
  • Phaser Glare: Adds 50Gs to Fortress.
  • Face Breaker: Cancels opponent ability
  • Face of Anger:Transfer 500 Gs from the opponent to Fortress.
  • Face of Sad:Disables opponent ability.
  • Face of Laughter:Adds 100 Gs to Fortress.
Fusion Ability Cards
  • Thunder Slide, Thousand Swords Rage: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent.
  • Water Slide, Thousand Swords Rage:Changes Fortress Attribute to Aquos and Decreases opponents power level into Fortress Base level.
  • Thousands Blades, Wind Hurricane:Changes Fortress Attribute to Ventus and Nulifies opponets abilities.