Christopher is a character in Bakugan Battle Brawlers

He is an Aquos battler.


In episode 24 Christopher was seen by Alice when she was shopping by the lake about to throw his Bakugan into it. Alice tries to stop him, but accidentally pushed him into it. Alice tries to help him beat his rival Travis. After Alice taught him how to be a better battler, Christopher beat Travis in a battle. Christopher also tries to help Alice fight Rabeeder, alongside Klaus, whom he idolizes. He gained many helpful tips from Klaus and he was able to help Klaus win since Alice's Alpha Hydranoid was being encased in crystal at the time.


Christopher has many common Aquos Bakugan.


� � � � � � Battles
Opponents Outcome
Shadow Prove & Mylene Pharaoh(Tag with Alice Gehabich) Lose
Prince Hydron Win
Mira Clay Win
Alice Gehabich(Tag with Ally)


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