Chan Lee (チャン・リー, Chan Rī) is a character in Bakugan Battle Brawlers. She became the 3rd ranked brawler in the world. Her Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Fortress. She is of Asian origin and is very good at martial arts.


  • Age: 11-17
  • School Level: 2(High School)
  • Main Attribute: Pyrus
  • Guardian Bakugan: Fortress


She first appears when she goes to Masquerade's "party", falling under the control of Naga. Then, she faces off against Dan, but loses and leaves thinking that Dan did well but that she has a secret weapon. She faces Dan, Runo and Marucho alongside Julio and Klaus.They lose when Marucho activates the Fire, Water, Light Triple Node and Runo's Cut-in-Saber ability card, making Drago evolve. They are then freed from Naga's control. Along with the others Masquerade sends her Fortress to the Doom Dimension but it is later returned to her.

She then stalls Centorrior when the Battle Brawlers are in Vestroia.

She develops a crush on Joe and saves him from Hal-G using her Martial Arts (Dan and Julie also made fun of Chan saying that Chan and Joe were dating). At the end of the series, they are seen dating in the bench in the background while Runo and Dan were on a date.

She is currently ranked 5th.

New VestroiaEdit

In New Vestroia episode 32 she makes another appearance to help Alice defeat Shadow. However, even after Alice destroyed Hades, and she destroyed Darkus Fortress, they ended up losing once Shadow pulled out another mechanical Bakugan. Like when she saved Joe, she also saved Alice using her martial arts (Kung-Fu) against Shadow Prove kicking kim in the kidney. She appears to have a Gaunlet in this episode though it is unknown where she got it. It was probably given to her by Klaus since he told her to check on Alice.



Opponent Outcome
Shadow Pove(Tag with Alice) Lose
Ally Fujisaki & Hikari Ichinomiya(Tag with Klaus Von Hertzon) Win
Lync Volan & Volt Luster (Tag with Dan) Win (Thanks to Drago's Infity Core Ability & Fortress's Fusion Ability)
Julie Makimoto & Billy Gilbert(Tag With Ruki Yamamoto) Win
Klaus Von Hertzon & Hikari Ichinomiya(Tag with Ruki Yamamoto) Lose
Prince Hydron Win
Shadow Prove Lose(Making her to be a Vexos)
Nagi Fujisaki Lose