BK CD Centipoid
Centipoid is a centipede Bakugan that has pinchers that are larger than its head between its eyes.


Attribute: Pyrus,Darkus,Subterra, Haos.

Power: 400 G



Centipoid is a common Bakugan. It has been used by many Brawlers, but mainly Jewels who has a Subterra Centipoid as her Guardian Bakugan. It has two pincers that are larger than its head, which can penetrate hard armor. It has two tails that are razor sharp and antennas that sense predators miles away. It travels underground for sneak attacks and has an unbreakable, exoskeleton shell. It has 15 pairs of legs. Centipoid's eyes and legs change color depending on the attribute, such as a Darkus Centipoid has red eyes and gold legs, a Subterra Centipoid has green eyes and white legs.


Masquerade has a Darkus Centipoid, Alice used a Darkus Centipoid in her battle with Klaus. Jewels, Billy, and Akira have Subterra Centipoids, Jewels Subterra Centipoid is her Guardian Bakugan while Chan Lee and Dan both have a Pyrus Centipoid. Both Runo and Julio have Haos Centipoids.

Ability Cards
  • Attractor:Move Centepoid to any other gate card.
  • Spiced Assault:Transfers 100 Gs from Opponent to Centipoid.
  • Grand Down:Nullifies Opponent's Gate Card.
  • Desert Hole: Centipoid can move to a different Gate Card.
  • Canyon Down:Nulifies Opponent's Abilities