Atchibee is a large moth-like Bakugan appeared in Bakugan: New Vestroia.




Bakugan FormEdit

Atchibee has four wings, two arms, and its large body that ends with a long tail. Two of its four wings have eyeball patterns, and its large insect legs are barbed, with tiny spikes on the top and sides of the legs, and massive spikes on the bottom. Its tail ends in a yellow spike that resembles Altair.

Ball FormEdit

Atchibee resembles Moskeeto and Oberus in ball form. It also resembles a little to Infinity Dragonoid.


Atchibee was first shown in episode 3 used by Shadow Prove but defeated and taken by Baron with the help of Mega Nemus. A Ventus Atchibee was seen under the ownership of Nene and almost taken by Spectra Phantom.

Ability Cards:

  • Vermillion JetBlack: Opponent -300 Gs
  • Wind Typhoon:Nulifies Opponents gate card.